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COSTA Hottest Summer Drinks Are Available Now!

Caramel Banoffee Creamy Cooler

Someone told me secretly,

Three young ladies, Miss Cream, Banana and Toffee are holding a private party.

What a surprise! They hang out with each other all day long just to make this Summer more fantastic!

Toffee’s beautiful dance is really eye-catching, no wonder Cream and Banana are willing to be with her.

So, we created an attractive and luxurious Cooler drink this summer in COSTA!


Eton Strawberry Creamy Cooler

Have you ever heard?

The boy called Eton got into big trouble.

He tripped and almost subverted everyone’s traditional realm of sense.

Strawberries dropped into the cloud, Cream fell into the ice lake, and Marshmallows climbed the snow mountain by accident.

We’re worried this Cooler drink with intensive aroma of fruit and cream will be irresistible to every foodie.


Lime Pie Creamy Cooler

According to the forecast from Tasty Food Station,

A wave of hot wind was landed on England.

People who passed over the wind suffered from a weird sickness:

They could not tell differences between sweet and sour and all fell in love with a special drink.

This summer, COSTA will offer you the fantastic flavour of drink!

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