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ICED BLENDED | The fruit industry strength to bring you cool summer

After the brutal competition and layer upon layer of selection, we finally choose to fruit industry "Baifu beauty" and "beauty effect" together for everyone to bring Costa two summer refreshing drink.

Papaya Pear Fruit Cooler

Sweet papaya with fresh William pear made of papaya pear cool music ice, healthy nutrition and refreshing.

Papaya is rich in nutrition, rich in amino acids and help Jianpixiaoshi, Qingxin Runfei protease. Drinking can beauty drink can not miss oh


Grape Mix Lemonade

Strong and the connotation of the helter skelter of grape fruit Ningle inspiration to the famous Spanish Sangria, grapes, citrus, lemon flavor paired together, bring rich taste.


Grape is an effective antioxidant fruit, can make the skin moist, effective anti-aging. Citrus can not only keep the skin supple, form but also help to inhibit melanin.


In April 27th, with strength of two fruit industry to send COSTA to early summer drink Qin grand listed!

For healthy and refreshing summer, began to drink from the two cup of Qin!


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