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1st COSTA Craft Coffee Festival & 2016 Global Barista Competition China Finals Landing in Shanghai

October 15, 2016, Shanghai - October's autumn, Shanghai Jing'an Kerry Center floated a burst of thick coffee aroma and craftsmanship.COSTA, the British handmade coffee brand, adheres to the brand concept of "Heart and Art System", and brings the COSTA first craft coffee festival to let more like-minded friends feel the charm of heart art system. With the "craftsman" Taste of handmade coffee and hand-made music. At the same time, COSTA's annual Barista of the Year (B.O.Y) China Grand Final was held at COSTA's National Top Eight from COSTA. In addition, at COSTA's annual Coffee Bar Festival, For the Chinese title of the competition for the development of exquisite handmade coffee skills.


Unlike traditional large coffee chain brands, COSTA has always insisted on hand-made coffee instead of coffee machine one-click extraction, because COSTA believe that the machine can never replace the hands of the temperature, but can not interpret the minds of barista. Each COSTA barista is a craftsman, from the B.O.Y. stand out is full of "pride, enthusiasm, personality," the players who represent the COSTA coffee craftsman enthusiasm, silly strength and dedication.


In the COSTA Global Barista China finals barista high standard of the dream stage, the finalists eight players are stunt, through the store and regional layers of selection, through the core coffee, creative coffee and Speed coffee competition, and ultimately in the professional judges, media and the audience under the attention of the birth of the COSTA 2016 Global Barista Division China Champion ---- Friends from the COSTA Friends of the bar shop in Guangzhou Lim Zhang (Zhang Lin). This has a super high color and popularity of the players, but also the finalists in the only female barista, and she also filled with fantastic ideas with creative drinks, in one fell swoop gains 2016 BOY China championship and the best Creative drinks two awards! In January 2017, she will carry the dream of COSTA Chinese barista flew to London to participate in the global finals, and from the world's major markets COSTA champion with the exchange of ideas, compete for the title of the global championship.


At the same time, the warm and overflowing of the final scene for the audience also brought COSTA China's first pull flower contest, three COSTA both popularity and superb skills of the master pull the flower master cast a magic flower in the bubble on the outline of a fantasy Coffee world, with wonderful skills to offer a high level of pull flower contest. The final prize was won by Karman Huang (Huang Jiawen) at Shenzhen Airport Arrival.


At the same time witnessed the birth of the two coffee masters, the audience can be described as feast for the eyes, marvel at the master of the barista at the same time, a deeper understanding of each cup of good coffee behind the barista pay quietly. In the fast times of material life, when we have been accustomed to re-engraved lines of goods, COSTA barista still insist on their stupid and stubborn, with the spirit of craftsmen grinding equipment to treat every cup of coffee.


COSTA's coffee masters also offer coffee lovers an unforgettable "private education program", in-depth hand-made coffee workshops, in-depth knowledge of coffee, and on-site teaching of handmade coffee production skills. So that consumers not only free to enjoy the COSTA proud Famous 5 (craft classic coffee), more personally experience a classic craft coffee production is not easy. Coffee enthusiasts exchange coffee knowledge at the Coffee Academy, taste the change of coffee flavor in the coffee flavor classroom, more popular children's coffee painting experience, so that the audience feel a full range of coffee culture trip.


In addition, in order to make more people feel the spirit of the arts and crafts, COSTA joint with the same enthusiasm and obsession to create the product manual brand, opened a full of interesting hand courses, access to the enthusiastic consumers Sign up. In the Wood Crafts brand - the wood handmade workshop, feel the hand-grinding coffee cups and other small wooden objects in the fun; in the personalized paper studio - Paper Workshop to bring the paper manual workshop, the experience To hand-made personalized paper products interesting. This weekend, together with the minds of precipitation, watching through their own hands to create a favorite of small objects, but also harvest a fast-food era of rare heart art.


The entire craft festival site also all reveal the "handicraft, craftsmen heart" brand spirit - coffee wooden stool, full of coffee beans coffee color sack, there are a group of cool young musicians with characteristics of wooden box beat out Warm cheerful percussion, the atmosphere will be the climax of the scene again and again. COSTA craft coffee festival, the most take the weekend in Shanghai craft party, delicious, good-looking, fun! More importantly, just a day's craft festival, showing craftsmen in the fast-paced era of "slow life", also reminds us to feel and inherit the spirit of the spirit of the system. In the machine age, together with the COSTA, let craft to witness the mind.

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