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More cross-border cooperation, more fun, COSTA X Littleondine

COSTA cooperates with Littleondine again since the jointly launch of frostino-taste lipstick last summer, which attracted a lot of fans. Inspired by the idea —— " Taking pleasure in materials " three kinds of frostino-color enamel (twin-packed) will be launched to help consumers enjoy a summer of material, color and pleasure.


During Jun. 30, 2017- Aug. 31, 2017, consumers can get a set of nail salon of COSTA X Littleondine when buying 5 cups of new kinds of frostino accumulatingly in COSTA. This summer, bring some differences to your nails and enjoy the variety everyday.


COSTA will also launch the gift sets of mooncake in the Mid-autumn festival in 2017. The gift sets of mooncake beloved by the millennials will take control of your WeChat Moment.

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