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Our baristas

Costa Coffee takes tremendous pride in their Baristas. Every year, Costa hosts a world-wide Barista Of The Year competition where top Baristas come from every country gather to compete for the ultimate #1 spot. To become the king of kings.


The 2013 Barista Of The Year competition in England emerged the first world-wide champion from China, Tony Huan from Costa Guanzhou Zhengjia Store.

Tony is calm and collected in his demeanor, passionate and diligent in the craft/art of coffee making, along with a bold spirit to innovate. He firmly believes in the idea of reaping what you sow and staying true to Costa’s belief in hand-crafted artisanal coffee. His creation “Ancient Forest Tiramisu” represents flavors and charm that is timeless.


In the 2014 Barista Of The Year China Regionals, exceptional baristas gathered from every corner of the country, bringing with them their exquisite coffee making skills and creativity with no bounds. As they gathered to compete for the honorable #1 position in China, emerged our champion Neo Huang from Costa Wuhan Nanguo Store. His creative coffee “Hope” was inspired by his own love story. A cup of coffee with a subtle hint of infused mint, roasted almond chips, invigorating the taste buds.

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