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Private Policy


COSTA Coffee, as the affiliate subsidiaryof Whitbread Plc, hereby provides such Private Policy to interpret the use of certain product or equipment on this web page as well as state the promise upon such private policy.


When you use this web page, our server would automatically record certain information on your computer or Internet browser. The information to be record includes the type and version of your Internet browser, the operation system as well as TCP/IP. In order to provide exact web page information, we are prone to use the information related to the Internet Browser as well as the operation system, no other intention could be made upon the TCP/IP collected.


The biggest drawback of our server rests on the requirements for installing cookies on your terminal which would be maintained for a while when you browsing our web site, once you shut down your browser or leave the terminal for a while, these cookies could be deleted automatically, generally speaking, such operation would be automatically triggered 20 minutes after the suspension of operation.


No registration would be made when using this web site.


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