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At Costa we control the whole coffee-making process from start to finish. From the sourcing, right through to storing, blending, roasting, grinding and pouring, no-one else is involved. Obsessive? Maybe, but we think the perfectly crafted end results are more than worth it. Our customers seem to agree.

Ever wondered what goes into creating the distinctive, fuller flavour and stronger aroma of a Costa coffee? Hover over the four stages below to discover the journey each cup has been on before reaching you.


We source the very best 100% Rainforest Alliance Approved coffee from as far afield as Central and South America, Africa and the Far East. It's a tough job - only 1% of the world's production of coffee is good enough to go into creating the unique taste and aroma of our Mocha Italia blend.


When it reaches our Roastery, our expertly trained team spend hours examining, cupping and charting the exact acidity, body, sweetness, bitterness and aroma profiles of our Mocha Italia blend.


As our skilled baristas make your drink in-store they grind our coffee, releasing the oils and creating the amazing aroma you experience every time you visit Costa. Delicious.


Then we slow roast our coffee beans to extract the true coffee flavour and aroma. Just as we have done since 1971. Every batch is roasted at low temperatures in a Petroncini and Probat drum roaster - the best available naturally. We stop the roast just at the point when the oils are still contained within the bean.


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