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Colorful holiday, Vigor blooming

In June and July, 2013,  the most famous Britain coffee brand-----COSTA open the new ice drink experience tour in China- # spread holiday OFFICE#, share the delicious series of COSTA summer ice drink with the consumers. The COSTA brand new trip to the summer ice drink experience brings the cool in summer for the white collar workers in the China's four big cities - Shanghai, nanjing, guangzhou and shenzhen. Not only does it highlight the legends of the British coffee brand, but also creats a COSTA ice age for more consumers in the hot summer to be against it altogether.

COSTA invited foreign models to bring the series of summer ice drinks and cakes to the each office, giving the cool and surprise for the white-collar workers and the media.

The rich fruit aroma and unique taste of the series of the COSTA summer ice drink left a deep impression for the consumers. In particular, it adopts the newest production technology, combined with rich fruit aroma. As if a person place himself in a good mood in holiday.

The series of COSTA ice drink , created by the most popular coffee master. It has the unique ingredients, a vibrant color and delicious taste.We guarantee that every cup of ice drink are made by trained coffee master. Be sure to bring each consumer the same high quality experience.

The amazing series of COSTA summer ice drink including:

Tropical fruit cooler

In the deepest summer, bring the best regards from the full-flavoured tropical fruits! The newest Tropical fruit cooler has already come to the market,which mix the sweet and sour pineapple, tender and juicy coconut with acid and attractive lime. Let you enjoy the cool moment of the fresh taste in the hot summer.

Summer peach drink

The newest Summer peach drink is listed, use the lemon raw materials which derived from the Italian island of Sicily and make it elaborately. For the peach blossom, the thirst quencher and the unique flavor ,your taste will become cooler than before in this hot summer!






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