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COSTA launched new products to celebrate Chinese New Year

Check out our Festive White Chocolate and Pistachio Mousse. Pure Belgian white chocolate melted with Sicilian pistachio mousse, rich and smooth milky taste satisfied you in the season of spring festival!


In the meantime, introduce our Festive White Chocolate and Pistachio whole Cake, the perfect choice for family gathering. Layers of Sicilian pistachio and Belgian white chocolate mousse, topped with a sprinkling of strawberry and a festive chocolate fish. An irresistible treat to take home and share with your family in this Chinese New Year.


What’s more, the new coming Lucky Charm Cakes customized for Chinese New Year with four different flavors - orange, chocolate, green tea and strawberry symbolize "Happiness" "Fortune" "Longevity" and "Luck". Enjoy spring festival with family and friends!

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