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COSTA launching Cold Brew Ice Coffee for the first time, people all over the world go on enjoying the summer

This summer, to bring coffee fans a new and better taste of craftsmen’s heart, a new series of coffee —— Cold Brew will be launched in COSTA China as soon as that in England. Brewed for 20 hours, made by purely handicraft, this new series of coffee tastes smooth and soft, nice and cool, which makes COSTA more confident to attract people to fall in love with their handicraft-made coffee.


COSTA Cold Brew tastes smooth and cool. To make sure its abundance and balance, the coffee beans are cautiously chosen from a single producing area in Columbia. To make sure its freshness and coolness, COSTA Cold Brew Coffee are brewed for 20 hours before adding the ice cubes. Without the interfere of the hyperthermia, the coffee is less sour but keeps the fragrance of the fruits, nuts and chocolates through this unique process of brewing. Once gently tasted, the coffee will send out wisps of sweetness. As being brewed for 20 hours, the natural fragrance is filtered from the coffee. Such delicious handicraft coffee will definitely arouse coffee fans’ strong interest.


Besides, to satisfy different coffee fans, COSTA provides different kinds of Cold Brew Coffee and each of them shows a unique taste. To coffee fans, apart from the classic original taste, Vanilla taste and caramel taste are also accessible. Milk can be added freely in all kinds of Cold Brew Coffee so that coffee fans can enjoy different tastes.


Cold Brew is not noly a new enjoyment of coffee, but also a good choice to relieve summer heat for those who die to keep slim in that there are surprisingly only 2 calories in one cup of original taste Cold Brew. Now, COSTA Cold Brew has been launched in many cities. Please follow the official Weibo @COSTACOFFEE and official WeChatCOSTACOFFEE to find your COSTA Cold Brew nearby!

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