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COSTA’s Christmas’s new series of drink

  The coldest winter through the history is menacing

  Just because the eastern Pacific‘s “little girl”-- La Niña makes waves.

  KO, which is not only the knitted scarves, wool jacket,

  But also a COSTA’s customized version of equipment – 4 serious of sweet and warm heart Christmas drinks.


  The equipment for winter travelling, being the warm center- Creme Brulee Latte.

In this Christmas season, when caramel grain meets latte, transforms into the Creme Brulee Latte. This becomes the savior of winter travelling.

Take this cup full of warm and sweet, will definitely let you become the warmest focus of winter’s streets.


The equipment for holiday parties, being the warm protagonist with a story behind: Xmas Gingerbread Latte.

The original aroma of coffee from creamy foam, attracts the curious Christmas gingerbread snowman.

Are you still staying at home lonely?

Let’s call your friends to hold a honey party,

There has coffee; do you have your story?


  The equipment for acting cute, passing adorkable chilly winter:  Caramel Cookies Cappuccino.

Cappuccino's Golden Medal Circle, hidden under the sweet coat of Caramel Cookies Cappuccino.

A sip of smooth, a sip of sweet, gives you the weapon to fight against the chilly weather.

Takes photo of mugs with heart shape. Despite the severe weather, keeps acting cute.


  The equipment for working overtime late at night, the double warm and sweet makes you feel not alone.- Black Forest Chocolate.

  While the Black forest in German is falling snow,

   COSTA’s Black Forest is steaming!

  Black forest’s cream mixing the hot chocolate, the double sweet, providing the double warmth to you who is still struggling in the cool steel forest. 


How can there be no big welfare of  “Double Eleven Festival” ?

Now to COSTA to buy these four warm heart equipment, special version of the Christmas take-away cup will send you!

Three-color vintage knitting pattern and Penguin snowman act cute together.

Take this cup of coffee which combines good-looking and warmth in hand, nobody can say delicious, warm and fashion cannot have at the same time.

This winter is very cold, while COSTA is very warm,

11.11 Christmas special drinks launch, let us warm togethe

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