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COSTA"Taking pleasure in materials"-the second wave is coming! Let’s keep the cool summer!

This summer, COSTA continues it's " Taking pleasure in materials " project and launches three new tastes of frostino in the second wave. Oatmeal Frostino, with fragrant and crispy butter grains on the top of it, mixed up with crispy oatmeal and cereal, blending gracefully with coffee smoothie and whipping cream, bring coffee fans healthy and mellow taste; Blueberry Yogurt Frostino, covered with smooth cream and sour and sweet fruit raspberries, tastes not only sweet and cool, but also creamy like yogurt, which will bring you a light and free summer; Yellow Peach Yogurt Frostino, also covered with smooth cream, blends with yellow peach smoothie and crispy cereal, delicious and healthy.

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