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Hello Costa ICE! Introducing Costa Summer Series!

This summer, come to experience this perfect match of Costa Coffee and Ice 'n' Snow; it was love at first sight! We applied a whole new technique to making this drink, ensuring we get the perfect combination of rich aromas and refreshingly cool sensations. Every cup is carefully hand-crafted, bringing you Costa’s tradition of perfectionism.

Over-iced Coffee Series:

Iced Latte: Infused with mildly sweet fresh-milk, this brew has a rich coffee aroma and a hint of sweet aftertaste; possessing a charm that you can’t resist.

Iced Cappuccino: Not only can you experience ice-cold breeze on a hot summer day, you can also revel in the sweet fragrance and creamy texture of our milky foam. Meanwhile, you can still taste hints of coffee with rich coffee aromas - providing you with a texture that is both elegant and filled with depth.

Iced Americano: Although it seems simple on the surface, Americano with Ice represents a spontaneous coffee experience. While you are enjoying your ice-cold breeze, you can begin planning the adventure you’ve been craving.

Coffee Cooler Series:

Coffee Cooler: Rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee combined with silky smooth textures over crushed ice. Savor the delicate texture of the snowy ice infused with a rich fragrance of coffee.

Caramel Latte Cooler: Perfect combination of Caramel and Latte in a smoothie. Experience the romantic unison of ice-cold breeze and luxurious lifestyle. Take a break from a busy summer day to lavish yourself with the perfect summer drink.

Mocha Cream Cooler: Rich and silky mocha fragrance followed by an explosion of chocolate aftertaste. The flavor is filled with depth and rich aroma. Accept our sweet summer invitation that is guaranteed to hit the spot. 

Every cup will bring you an unexpected, but pleasant surprise. Every sip will be like dipping your fingers in the cold ocean while enjoying a cold summer breeze. Go on a date with Costa ICE and enjoy a different kind of summer.

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