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Hello Ice ‘n’ Snow Holiday! Introducing Costa’s ice-cold summer fruit drinks!

The heat waves have arrived! To add a cold breeze to your already perfect Ice ‘N’ Snow Holiday, Costa is introducing the all new fruit drink line. When fresh fruits and ice-cold snow embrace, a moment of utter satisfaction is created. Costa has carefully crafted the perfect quality, to create your perfect moment.

Fruit ‘n’ Ice Infusion Selection.

Classic Lemonade:Refreshing lemon flavor, enhancing the ice-cold sensation, a summer classic not to be missed.

Strawberry Lemonade:Sweet savory strawberry combined with refreshing lemon, teasing your summer taste buds.

Green Apple Lemonade:Sweet and sour, smooth and pleasant, the distinctive green apple flavor will fulfill your summer cravings.

Peach Lemonade:The unique peach flavor combined with lemon, will quench your summer thirst.

Fruit ‘n’ Snow Infusion Selection.

Tropical Fruit Cooler:Sweet and sour pineapple, and the delicate texture of coconut, topped with the essence of lime, will ignite a tropical storm in your mouth.

Lychee, Yuzu, Lemongrass Cooler:Lychee infused with sweet Yuzu, blended in crushed ice, allowing you to revel in a moment of ice-cold satisfaction.

Mango & Passionfruit Cooler:Flavorful passion fruit combined with mango, delivers a rich and fruity tropical sensation. 

The 7 Costa fruit-inspired beverages are tailored for your own personal summer experience. A single sip will bring you a fruity greeting, and a reason to embrace summer!


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